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This community-built FAQ covers the “User Input” exercise from the lesson “Variables”.

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When do we include “return 0;” and when is it okay to omit it?


What is the purpose of the return 0?

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Why are we always creating a new line with “\n” when there is nothing happening with that new line after? Is it a good habit to have?

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Hello hh1077,

We use -return- for return a value from a function, in this case the function is -main- that returns zero value -return 0;-, but you will understand this point when you take the “functions” topic, don’t worry about that.




The program didn’t output anything when I typed in my tip. The machine says my code works but still nothing is outputted:


You forgot to put a ; at the end of your last line of code. Like this:

std::cout << “You paid” << tip << “dollars\n”;


What did I do wrong? My code matches the example, but it will not run correctly.



int main() {

int tip = 0;

std::cout << "Enter tip amount: ";
std::cin >> tip;

std::cout << "you paid " << tip <<“dollars.\n”;

any one know why this isnt working for me


I had the same problem “Bash: X: command not found”. Doesn’t make sense.


Might be a bug because when it gave me the solution, I had the exact same code but this time it worked.

Update: I copied and pasted their solution and it failed with the same error. I did it right, the tutorial is broken.


Update: I tried it on terminal and wrote the code using plaintext on notepad. It works. So the site is broken.