FAQ: this.props - Receive an Event Handler as a prop

This community-built FAQ covers the “Receive an Event Handler as a prop” exercise from the lesson “this.props”.

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Learn ReactJS: Part I

FAQs on the exercise Receive an Event Handler as a prop

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Hi please someone can hep me i don’t understand very well , the difference between props and prop

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According to the Component and Props lesson step 5:
props is the name of the object that stores passed-in information. this.props refers to that storage object. At the same time, each piece of passed-in information is called a prop. This means that props could refer to two pieces of passed-in information, or it could refer to the object that stores those pieces of information

In Talker.js, why does Render not return <Button talk={this.props.talk} />

In the “Receive an Event Handler as a prop” section, how is this.props.talk able to be injected in the button doc if the Talker Component class was never exported on the talker doc nor imported on the button doc?

In case anyone wondering, it would be revealed in the next exercise. But basically, in Talker.js, this.talk refers to a method of Talker component named “talk”. Whereas this.props.talk refers to a prop (or attribute, as I would like to call it) of Button component named “talk”.

I think it’s because this.props.talk refers to the prop of the Button component. not the method of the Talker component.