FAQ: The Zen of Ruby - When and Then: The Case Statement

Hi guys! Hope someone can help.
My problem is, whatever method I use, the program loads long and then it shows: execution expired. At the same time it shows: Your code doesn’t look quite right.
I’m concerned that it’s not my wrong code but something with Ruby.
My code goes as follows:

puts “Hello there!”
greeting = gets.chomp

case greeting
when “English”
puts “Hello!”
when “French”
puts “Bonjour!”
when “German”
puts “Guten Tag!”
when “Finnish”
puts “Haloo!”
puts “I don’t know that language!”

As mentioned earlier in the thread by mtf,

Not sure what is wrong with the code in question. I even checked the solution and the code is basically identical.

gets is timing out so the best way to see the code run is to manually supply the value(s) for greeting.