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This community-built FAQ covers the “Overflow” exercise from the lesson “The Box Model”.

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Why does the class. “share” height change when I type in the #main ID a height of 1000px?


Not clear on your question. .share is independent of #main so should see no effect. Can you illustrate your question with a before and after screen grab?


I believe the above poster is asking why when there is no overflow property declared on #main, and the height is set to 1000px, that the position of .share changes to the center of our #main div. I too was wondering why this seems to so drastically change the placement of our .share div.


That is a positioning problem we should be able to sort out once we see your style sheet. Please post style.css.

Belay, belay. I have reproduced your example and will need to ponder awhile the reason why we see this behavior.

Here’s one thought… Because the height is set to 1000px on #main, and both it and .share have position: relative; properties, the latter is positioning itself 1000px down from the banner.

Recall that HTML is greedy when it comes to page length. The DIV will stretch to whatever length it needs to accomodate the content. However once we introduce height we exceed this paradigm by imposing artificial limits. Strange behavior should be expected, which we witness here. Take the height property away from #main and the behavior will be natural.

Bottom line, we should always impose an overflow rule if we expect the content to exceed our prescribed height.