FAQ: Text Preprocessing - Part-of-Speech Tagging

This community-built FAQ covers the “Part-of-Speech Tagging” exercise from the lesson “Text Preprocessing”.

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Natural Language Processing

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I’ m having trouble understanding this line of code:

most_likely_part_of_speech = pos_counts.most_common(1)[0][0]

i know its supposed to set most_likely_part_of_speech to the most occurring part of speech of the synonyms of a word but i dont exactly know what argument 1 is for or what it returns. And I also am no sure what [0][0] is accessing. Any help would be appreciated!

Probably a little late but here’s what I think after some research:

First, .most_common() is a method of the Counter which is a subclass of dict for counting elements inside. Counter can be made up by lists, strings, tuples and dicts; and in this case, the Counter was built by Step3 so apparently there’s a dict inside it.
The first number, (1), is something that .most_common() does to return the top x “most common” items in the Counter which means the most frequent pos here (actually, it would also work if you put ‘2’ here, I’ll explain). The second number, [0], is for selecting the first key-value pair in the dictionary–though only one now, it still needs to select it (therefore, it also works if you put ‘2’ in the first brackets). And the second [0] is for selecting the first (though, still, only one) key and get its value which is the count of the most frequent pos.

The lesson was a little vague on this one and I hope this helps!


I was just wondering, I get that “n” means a noun, “v” is a verb, but what does “r” and “a” and are there any others like it?

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I too have the same problem.