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How to make a table only with vertical headings?

How do I make the table headers span 2 columns wide? All of my data was shifted weird in the excercises that had me increase the column span to 2.

You can use colspan = 2

Why does we use the class attributes?

Can anyone tell me how to skip a line in these table?
like a gap between “total” and the company names.

Thanks, Have a fantastic day ^-^

Why is this happening? th can’t have rowspan? the 3rd th is on the second row…
It’s taking colspan for the 2nd th

      <th>I'm the 1st th</th>
      <th rowspan="2" >I'm the 2nd th</th>
      <td>I'm the 1st td</td>
      <th>I'm the 3rd th<tr>

I did not understand how to aplly css style

How does style.css work?

Is there a way to use span for an entire column or row without adding colspan / rowspan to each relevant line?

Thanks in advance

why are you using th for the companie’s name in the first page of the exercise and then using td in the rest of the exercise? i believe the right thing to do would be to use td since, for exemple: i could lose the contract with one of the company and would want to remove them from my buyers/shipping list, so i would remove some “data”, not an “heading”

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Is there a place to get data to organize into tables for practice? Is there a website with raw data for public use?

First of all Tag must be paired, missing: [ ], start tag match failed [ ] on line 9.
this is the code:-
2021-02-10 (1)
Second i did not got your question.

You can use to make the elements heading within vertical or horizontal.

Thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot! However, the last part of the exercise where CSS is used has an error, asking you to make the font size to 18px while the solution gives you 16px :smile:

Why can’t I use <span> inside the <tfoot>?

You should be able to. Can we see your code you may have something wrong with your code?

Yes, the code snippet is as follows:


Probably it is because of the CSS3?

I don’t see anything wrong. It’s probably the CSS.

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I need to add a scope attribute to each of these new headings. I used scope=“col”
but it isn’t accepting the code i put. I keep being told that there should be exactly 3 headings. what am I missing?

  <th scope=

  <th scope="row">Company Name</th>
  <th scope="row">Number of Items to Ship</th>
  <th scope="row">Next Action</th>
  <td>Adam's Greenworks</td>
  <td>Package Items</td>