FAQ: Survey of Computer Science - The Tale of Kenny - Control Flow and Logic


This community-built FAQ covers the “Control Flow and Logic” exercise from the lesson “Survey of Computer Science - The Tale of Kenny”.

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{Click run, then copy and paste python kenny_the_health_inspector.py into the terminal on the far right titled bash . }

Whats is bash ? and why the game wouldn’t work :confused:
regards :slight_smile:


Hey @alashtal, I had the same problem using Chrome, but everything worked when switching to Firefox.


I had the same problem using safari, followed apaul272’s advice and used Firefox. Works now!


thank you :slight_smile: @apaul272


I’m using firefox and I still can"t get the program to run.
It keeps saying kenny_the_health_inspector is no defined.
I also can"t copy and paste into the bash terminal.
I typed help into the terminal, which led me to modules, which led me to kenny_the_health_inspector.
I was finally able to run the program that way.


I’ve had the same issue as well. It won’t run :cry: Mine just doesn’t really do anything thought I get a $ and a little blinking box.


I was having the same problem in Safari. To fix it, I went to Safari > Settings for This Website…

On the window that came up, I unchecked “Enable content blockers”.

When I refreshed the window, the proper Bash entry was available.

Hope that helps you, too!


Terminal was not displaying any information, including the ‘bash’ title. I’m using Chrome. Tried refreshing the page and the information is now displayed.


Hello i am running safari and i can’t get anything to run after i copy and paste in the far right.


@itzapepo @verocelis I was having the same problem in firefox where it wouldn’t copy and paste. initially I interpreted “python” being on a separate line and tried to execute it separately, so I was running.



which is incorrect. Below is the line that worked.

python kenny_the_health_inspector.py

there are no capitalisation of letters required and just hit enter after you have typed out the line.


Hi everyone,

I disabled my adblocker (ublock) and it worked in chrome. Also check your permissions for the site.


OMG thank you that help me!


Disabling addblocker worked in Firefox as well. Click on the shield left to the url to accomplish this.