FAQ: Style - Share Styles Across Multiple Components

This community-built FAQ covers the “Share Styles Across Multiple Components” exercise from the lesson "Style ".

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After step 3 of 6/6, when I import { styles }, the browser appears “Internal Error”. Since then, I just followed the instructions without the browser showing what I did. Hope this gets fixed.

The “Internal Error” in the browser panel happens on occasion. Save your work by clicking “Run”, and then refresh your browser. If you feel like this is happening far too often, check out this Troubleshooting Guide. There may be steps you can take to reduce your frustration. Happy coding!

Hahah! I laughed so hard at the end of this exercise. :grin:


In FacebookColorThief.js, we have

import { colorStyles } from './facebookStyles';
let divStyle = {
  backgroundColor: styles.darkBlue,
  color: styles.white

But we don’t import the styles object but the colorStyles object. So the above code should instead be:

import { colorStyles } from './facebookStyles';
let divStyle = {
  backgroundColor: colorStyles.darkBlue,
  color: colorStyles.white

Can anyone confirm this? I’m surprised that no one has pointed this out…


I was also wondering, actually that’s why I came to this forum, to find explanation

I’d like to know why we need to deconstruct on the import. Can we use export default to get around that?

This is just too much. I had to wash my eyes for 15 min after seeing this.

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Elegant and Minimalistic one.

For me, it looks like this project was left unfinished. And FacebookColorThief.js, facebookStyles.js is the evidence lol. Even though you replace import in Home.js with
import { styles } from ‘./styles’; to
import { facebookStyles } from ‘./facebookStyles’;
still doesn’t work because facebookStyles.js doesn’t have the same keys as in styles.js