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This community-built FAQ covers the “substring()” exercise from the lesson “String Methods”.

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Hello! While reading this lesson I found the wording describing the use of substring() with two parameters to be misleading, as if I’m not mistaken the first parameter indicates the index of the first character of the string to extract, while the second parameter indicates the index of the character right after the last character of the substring.

In the given exercise, 4 is the index of the letter ‘H’ while 11 is the index of the space after the word, while the wording seems to indicate one would need to use 10, the index of the letter ‘s’. I just wanted to flag this in case others are finding this part to be confusing.

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I’m confusing that isn’t the below substring comes under range of (3,9)?
Java substring

I think you’ve miscounted. Remember that indexes start at 0 and that substring(int beginIndex, int endIndex) will return a string between beginIndex and endIndex, including the character at beginIndex but excluding the character at endIndex.

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it starts with 0, I agree it is confusing, but if you put in 0, then you don’t leave a single letter out. a substring with 0 would just print out the entire message. So to put The out we need to go to 3 and for The_ we need 4

Codecademy doesn’t accept my right code which is

public class Poetry {
	public static void main(String[] args) {
    String line = "The Heav'ns and all the Constellations rung";     
    // Change the arguments:
    System.out.println(line.substring(line.indexOf("H"), line.indexOf(" an")));

Please consider fixing this issue in future updates

this code run as well: System.out.println(line.substring(line.indexOf(“H”),(line.indexOf(“s”)+1)));