FAQ: String Methods - Splitting Strings III

This community-built FAQ covers the “Splitting Strings III” exercise from the lesson “String Methods”.

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In this splitting string exercise, what is the given syntax in the string “= /”.

spring_storm_text =
“”"The sky has given over
its bitterness.

To my knowledge, we have not been exposed to this syntax. Is this an unmentioned escape sequence? I don’t see an end to the /" and based on the notes from the discussion forum it looks like there should be one if indeed that’s what this syntax is.

It is a backslash, not a forward slash:

spring_storm_text = \
"""The sky has given over 
its bitterness. 
Out of the dark change 

… and it is read by the Python interpreter as a line split marker. Without it, the single, isolated line, spring_storm_text = would throw a syntax error.

In Python, there are two ways that you can split a line. One is by use of the backslash, as seen here, and the other is by means of parentheses, brackets or curly braces, within which any line can be split.

Why do they want to split this particular line? Probably so that the poem would look nice on-screen. Without the split, it would be:

spring_storm_text = """The sky has given over 
its bitterness. 
Out of the dark change 

… not as pretty, you might agree.

It is unfortunate that this was used in a lesson dealing with escape sequences, for it is not an escape sequence marker. Escape sequences occur only within a string.

got it! Thanks

they throw some random stuff out every once and awhile.

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