FAQ: Statistical Concepts - Sample Mean and Population Mean

This community-built FAQ covers the “Sample Mean and Population Mean” exercise from the lesson “Statistical Concepts”.

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FAQs on the exercise Sample Mean and Population Mean

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Hello, I found strange the use of ‘print “”’, when in Python3 it should be ‘print()’. Also, I never saw this ‘{}’ in Python3 nor the ‘.format()’ method.

Can someone explain me what is all this? Have I passed to Python2 suddenly without knowing? Why is not ‘print(“whatever " + value + " continue the text if you want to”)’? I mean, what’s the point on using the brackets and ‘.format()’ method? How did they make the print work without calling it as a function?

Thank you


This is normal for Codeacademy, part of their tasks are outdated or/and buggy. They suggested not supported terminal commands and stuff. Support doesn’t know ■■■■ about this and community forum is dead. I plan to complete somehow this data science course and find an education platform that cares more about their content and user experience.

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