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This community-built FAQ covers the “Static Constructors” exercise from the lesson “Static Members”.

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in the exercise, we created static fields forestsCreated and treeFacts,
then we created static methods ForestsCreated and TreesFacts,
why in the static constructor we set values to forestsCreated (field) but the other to TreesFact(method)

While I was writing my question, I realized - because we do not have set() method in ForestCreated :))))
am I right? think, I am right :wink:

posting my msg in case if someone has the same question

Think you got the names switched but yeah.

But to me it looks like there is no real difference between having a setter or just defining the variable somewhere else. Except of course when u want to manipulate the variable, the name you use will be different( the upper casing). Do you think it’s right to think like this? Tell me your thoughts if you are just as intrigued.

Hi abel3047, Thank you for reacting on my post. I would be glad to speak to you but I am far away from this exercise, deep in JavaScript at the moment. You could be right, let see what other people will say. Happy Coding!

No problem! When and why did u start learning Java? And how has your coding learning experience been?

One thing I didn’t understand in this lesson was whether the static constructor is called once every time the class is mentioned (via static method or instantiation) or if it is called one time only in a program and never again. After researching it seems the latter is true.

I understand the static constructor as something that simply sets up the correct common (static) variables for the class.

Just thought this might be nice for people to know in case anyone else got confused. Also, if I’m wrong, please correct me. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I was struggling with the same thing. I now think a static constructor can run only once but I’m unsure, it would be a welcome addition to the lesson if it was mentioned.