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The instructions in this section where you set the min-height make it seem like your text is supposed to spread out a bunch when you stretch your browser window before you set min-height to 200px. Maybe I’m just not stretching enough (maybe I don’t have a large enough monitor?) but the text is still staying close and legible without setting min-height: 200px. I think it’s because earlier in the lesson we set #blog .post to have width: 52% which is what I’m guessing is keeping the text from spreading out too much. I would appreciate anyone’s input on this


I agree with you. The example should have a min hight of 500px so everyone could see the example. I am able to see it in my big screen, but i am not able to see it in the small one.


Maybe browser defaults have changed within the last two years, but I’m not noticing any real difference with the use of min-height. When the page gets too compressed, the browser just activates scroll bars. Content formatting doesn’t change, it just goes off-screen.

The example can be a bit confusing, to be honest. Even when giving the <p> elements a min-height property of 500px, the textual content can still spread as if we didn’t give it a min-height. The only thing that we can see visually is that more space has been added between the <p> elements and the content underneath them (which of course is caused because they have a taller height). To actually prevent them from spreading too much is by setting their a max-width property


I personally find this example pretty weird and not so useful in real applications, but it’s just my personal opinion. Why someone should set a min-height for a paragraph when ‘font-size’ and ‘paddings’ can help us keep everything adjustable and following the natural flow especially with media queries in the context of responsive UIs?