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This community-built FAQ covers the “Intro to CSS” exercise from the lesson “Setup and Syntax”.

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Hello everybody!

I have a question, I just finished Semantic HTML lesson where I learned how important/good practice is to use semantic tags, but the next Intro to CSS all I see is

's with a class. Why is it done like that?

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Hi @phantom78

Could you give an example as to what you’re trying to explain?

I need a little clarification before I try and answer your question.

So I was taking a look at the stylesheet for this intro to CSS and I noticed something unfamiliar to me. I understand that the margin and padding below are being targeted by the (html > body) selectors respectively.

What I don’t understand is why (font-family & font-weight) is being included in a separate body selector on their own? Why not include it (font-family & font-weight) within the same (html > body) selectors shown below?

html, body {
margin: 0;
padding: 0;

body {
font-family: ‘Roboto’, sans-serif;
font-weight: 100;

Hi @fermn,
Many thanks for your reply, I noticed that my question isn’t as I tried to write it. I was asking about div 's and semantic.
here is a bit of code from the NY City Blog that we worked on at the end of Semantic HTML lesson:

[codebyte html]

New York City


[/codebyte html]
As you can see, we are using header, main, section etc. but the very next lesson about CSS, the code looks like this:

[codebyte html]

A city in the midst of reinventing itself and continuing to build on the... [/codebyte html] And there's no semantic html code at all (or hardly any, can't remember), everything is only with div 's.

So that’s what is confusing for me.

uf, I see I’m still struggling to copy the code, I thought codebyte is the way.

I know it is too late. Can you add the screenshot for the same?

Hi @phantom78, I just finished the Learn HTML course and decided to start the Learn CSS course next and had the exact same question also, on why everything is structured with div’s ?
Thanks for bringing that up, I realize it’s not imperative to this first lesson of Learn CSS but just thought I’d let you know that the question immediately crossed my mind as well. Thanks!

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I have the same question.

When you start with this lesson: Intro to CSS. The code in the example is this one.

<div class="nav">...</div>

<div class="main">...</div>

shouldn’t it be used the header tag, nav tag inside the header, and so on?
and then add a div in order to style the container?

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Hi everyone,

The same thing happened to me. After reading 2 articles about the importance of semantic HTML for the Front-End Engineer course, we jumped on to CSS and all I see is <div> everywhere… WTF?!

I understand they have different people to create the exercises, but please put someone to revise the code for the course because not even the indentation is consistent for all the exercises. Also, sometimes one exercise explains something but the following exercise contradicts the previous one.

Please, fix those issues because for someone who just start learning web development makes it more confusing than what already is; and we are paying for this

Thank you,