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This community-built FAQ covers the “Inline Styles” exercise from the lesson “Setup and Syntax”.

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I’m from the UK. Is it possible to have CSS accept the spelling ‘colour’ instead?


No, it would not accept colour. The syntax could not be changed if the spelling is different based on Geography. Welcome to the world of code.

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Things to notice.

The code in the example above demonstrates how to use inline styling. The paragraph element has a style attribute within its opening tag. Next, the style attribute is set equal to color: red;, which will set the color of the paragraph text to read within the browser.

The last part of the sentence would be “…which will set the color of the paragraph text to red…”

It is currently set as “read”. I have submitted a bug report. Let us see if it is fixed.

Thanks for clarifying.

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When would you want to write or add style directly on the html?

I came here to ask this as a Canadian haha!

Any reason why are the quotes changed from double (") to single (’) starting from this chapter?


During the HTML lesson, we learned that it is best practice to keep HTML and CSS separate.

Are we learning about the IN-LINE syntax of CSS simply to be aware of it in case we come across it, or is it an acceptable syntax to build new? I imagine you would not want to mix the two syntaxes, as that just seems to add unnecessary complexity.

I was wondering the same thing! I tried both ways and both worked without an error message, so my best guess is maybe to differentiate between the html and css parts of the code when doing the inline style?