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This community-built FAQ covers the “Video and Embed” exercise from the lesson “Semantic HTML”.

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I still did’t understand what is used for?

Hey @rachitmujmer

Could you explain your question? Are you not sure what the point of embedding videos is?

Hi, I am a beginner here but I believe if you rephrase your question(s), there will be a few people here who can help.

Thanks mega4175851005, my question was messy.

So hi again ! :smile:

When do we have to choose between VIDEO or EMBED?
I try to put a video with EMBED and it works !
What is the main differences?

If someone can enlighten me, I’ll be pleased !

The VIDEO element makes it clear that the developer is attempting to display a video to the user. It has an opening and closing tag.

The EMBED element is also used to incorporate media content into a web page. It can embed any media including videos, audio files, and gifs from external and local sources. It is a self-closing tag.
I hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

From what I have read up on it, it depends on the developer on which tag they want to use.

However, these days, as a general rule, <video> is used for videos, <audio> for audio content, and <embed> for anything else, like flash videos and gifs.



Ok thanks @zs-kev, that makes sense to use for flash videos and gifs.

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Can some explain what the function is of ‘/’ in the img and embed tags? In the exercise this ‘/’ appears after the src reference at the end of the tag.
It doesn’t seem to have an effect when you delete it.

Hi @pauwou :slight_smile:

Both img and embed are void elements , which means they require a start tag but not a end tag.
In HTML5 you don’t need the end tag for these elements; anyway, like you said, nothing happens if you add it.

Hi all, fairly new to all this and I just have a question about the link for the files. does the + do anything between say “Semantic+HTML” or is that just how the file path was named?

Also, on the previous exercise we covered some attributes that we can enclose in the media tags (

Lastly, I’m just starting with the basics of HTML and I’m not a paid subscriber (still evaluating if this is something I can really pursue) from anyone out there who is a paid subscriber, just how much am I missing out on with this course?


I didn’t understand why we needed to add both a video tag and an embed tag. If the [video src=“link.mp4”][/video] already worked to show a video, what was the point of embedding and additional .gif link?

(I also had this question for the audio section, separating the [audio] tag from the [source] tag, but figured the reasoning would become clear in the next step. It didn’t! Got more confused. Lol.)

Just realized that this chat box renders HTML, so I replaced the carrots with brackets! I know there’s a way to show code, but forgot what tags are used.

If <embed> can use any form of media what is the point of using <image> <video> <audio> ?

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