FAQ: Semantic HTML - Audio and Attributes

This community-built FAQ covers the “Audio and Attributes” exercise from the lesson “Semantic HTML”.

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Introduction to HTML

FAQs on the exercise Audio and Attributes

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I’m noticing that the lesson uses following: . From reviewing the MDN and other sources, it appears that the “audio/mp3” is a “Mime Type”. When I go to Mime Type documentation though, the MDN and other sources, appear to tell me that I should use “audio/mpeg” (likely because MP3 is just a MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3). However, is there a risk that some browsers won’t support “audio/mp3” or that in the future this could get deprecated?

Quick question. There are two ways to embed audio tags into the HTML code file.

  1. <//audio
    controls> <source src=" "//>

  2. <//audio
    source src=" ">

The difference is subtle but the “>” after controls and source is preferred (in 2nd example?) or the source can be coded as a separate entity as it is in example one?

Thank You :slight_smile:

Right clicking and pasting is not working. I have an HP and I use Firefox any help would be great!

Hello, it works with Ctr c and Ctr v.

Hope it helps!

That didn’t work. but thank you anyway.