FAQ: Semantic HTML - Article and Section

This community-built FAQ covers the “Article and Section” exercise from the lesson “Semantic HTML”.

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FAQs on the exercise Article and Section

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3 posts were split to a new topic: Why would a section element be placed inside an article element?

I have no question about the html in this lesson, but I needed to correct the mistake about the Cricket match example.
There are no Cricket games that go for 15 days, the longest type of game is Test Cricket and usually goes for 5 days. The longest Test Cricket game in history (between England and South Africa) went for 9 days.


8 posts were split to a new topic: How should multiple sections be used?

Looking at the example provided in the project 4/9 in “Learning Semantic HTML”:

Fun Facts About Cricket

A single match of cricket can last up to 15 days.

why is the h2 title “Fun Facts About Crickets” outside the article tag, when in the actual project and from hear on after titles are located inside the article tag??? It is tripping me out lol.


hii, please can i have more than one section on a page and if yes, how do i differntiate it particularly in css, would i have to give it an id or class{i m not through with css though}

Of course you can, and yes you’d style them using a specific class.


<section class="favorite-cats">
  // Everything about your favorite cats
<section class="favorite-dogs">
  // Everything about your favorite dogs


.favorite-cats {
  background-color: blue;
.favorite-dogs {
  background-color: yellow;