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This community-built FAQ covers the “ID” exercise from the lesson “Selectors”.

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Hey guys!

In lesson 5 there is a line that says an id can only be used once per page. Is this true?

Instead of creating a whole other id and ruleset, why can’t I just put the value (ex. font-family: cursive;) in the .title ruleset? I tried it and it works and seems like a quicker way to do it.

So the purpose of the lesson was to teach you the meaning of the ID attribute and how to implement it. The best possible way of using it depends on the project you are working on and your personal style. So all the selectors provided to us are the basics and commonly used ones. How we use it in our code would depend on us. But the lesson is for our understanding only.

At this point, the lesson still has a red border which is not at all looking good. But it is there for our understanding.

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I don’t understand the need to a more restrictive ID selector when you have the class selector. It seem that you could create a class that has the styling you want and just use it for one element on your page. Can someone provide a practical example of where an ID selector has clear benefits over a class selector?

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Why do we need id attributes while we can style the title with class?

Hi, an ID selector is more important for JavaScript and for links on the page too. For example, you can have this code somewhere in the beginning of your HTML page:

<a href="#chapter-7">Chapter 7</a>

If a user click on the link, the page will “shift” to the element with the attribute id=“chapter-7” rendered at the top of the browser window, so they don’t need long scroll down the page to see it.