FAQ: Scripting Challenges - Manipulate Files in PowerShell

This community-built FAQ covers the “Manipulate Files in PowerShell” exercise from the lesson “Scripting Challenges”.

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Cybersecurity Analyst Interview Prep

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There is a bug in this exercise, but no one reacts to the notification/report, you don’t get any response?
The syntaxes are correct and the result can be seen in the required tab, but the answer is not validated.
Resetting the exercise didn’t help.
Has anyone else encountered this problem?

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I encounter the same situation as you mentioned.

I got the same thing. I just moved away from the exercise

Having the same issue and I tested with running the script. not sure why it saying its wrong

I contacted support, and they fixed it, running Add-Content ./HelloWorld.ps1 "Write-Host 'Hello World'" should work now!

I’ve got the same thing.

Great! The script outputs the text as expected.

Now let us replace the script contents with the command Move-Item ./Lab* -Destination /home/ccuser/workspace/cybersecurity-analyst-prep-pwsh/PowerShell_Lab/ so we can automate the organization task of moving lab files around.

how can we solve task 4, i have tried everything.

Same issue I have been having. I just emailed Codecademy support and hopefully they can resolve this issue.

some here and did not work for me

What about the next one , I am having problems to pass this one

Set-Contente HelloWorld.ps1 Hello World is not working like this and I don’t know what’s wrong

After running the script to see what returns I noticed that the script has a BaseType of System.Object - which means that we would have to add -Value before writing in the text from the assignment in parentheses.

PS read-write-files-in-pwsh> ./HelloWorld.ps1

IsPublic IsSerial Name BaseType

True True String System.Object
Hello World

PS read-write-files-in-pwsh> Set-Content HelloWorld.ps1 -Value “Move-Item ./Lab* -Destination /home/ccuser/workspace/cybersecurity-analyst-prep-pwsh/PowerShell_Lab/”

Try adding -Value after HelloWorld.ps1