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This community-built FAQ covers the “Global Scope” exercise from the lesson “Scope”.

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Web Development

Introduction To JavaScript

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Has anyone else noticed that even though you get the code 100% correct, it still gives syntax errors and says that you fail the instructions? I’ve had this problem in literally 99% of the lessons. This is EXTREMELY DISCOURAGING, makes me think i’m just absolutely horrible at coding because even when comparing the solution code to my own, i cannot see any mistakes.


Agreed. Wish it would at least let you know which parts or lines you have correct so far. I have to reveal the answer too early on for something so dumb or not even incorrect, and then I am not able to follow along and complete it.


Thank god i’m not alone, it’s a very sad thing. Maybe if we start a few different threads in the get help part, telling people to come to that thread to do just that so they can get help from the people who have already done it and learned what was needed and can help them understand. I have a horrible problem with string methods for this exact purpose. It would be nice if we could ‘talk’ CodeCademy into doing something along those lines. Sorry you’re having problems, I decided to gain more context by just looking at a few videos and just practicing with them, picking apart the error and going back to basics. If I can help at all, let me know.


Yeah! It just did it to me on #2 on loops as well. Urgh! I thought I saw a “report a bug” link on here somewhere but I would be more busy reporting that and not working lol
Also there was one I was trying to reset back to default to start over since it required editing the original syntax, it was one about mayo or guacamole I don’t remember. I closed and reset my browser, rebooted, still would not reset!! I had to reveal the answer to get it back. Very annoying.


:confused: I don’t get why they don’t have a thread on here for reports like this. Set it up so if a report gets enough ‘upvotes’ (each upvote being a person who had that problem) it gets submitted to someone with impact for review. Also, the “Get Help.” button at the bottom right of the screen has a “Reset Exercise” If you click that it should completely reset, just cut or copy your code and edit it after it’s reset.
EDIT When i was having that problem, i ended up just opening a text editor and pasting it in there in case something happened, so, try that too lol