FAQ: Requests with Fetch API - Making an async GET Request

This community-built FAQ covers the “Making an async GET Request” exercise from the lesson “Requests with Fetch API”.

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FAQs on the exercise Making an async GET Request

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shouldn’t we throw an error ?

What’s going on in the renderResponse() helper function? The first 2 if statements to be specific
Is the function parameter meant to be an object or array, I’m lost

Object is object and array is object too.
the function’s parameter is an array of objects:

[{word: "scratch", score: 1001}, {word: "disease", score: 1000}, {word: "fish", score: 999},…]

About the first if I wrote my thoughts two lessons ago=)
The second if checks that array has at least one element in it. If (res.length = 0) then Try again!

Why do we need the second await statement await response.json()?

Are we not already awaiting response? Seems to work without it.

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What does the .firstChild() and .removeChild() do at the bottom of the program?

In the html, the div in which the results are to be displayed will be:

<div id="responseField">

There is an event listener attached to the "submit" button. When the submit button is clicked, displaySuggestions is called.

const displaySuggestions = (event) => {

If the responseField div is empty, then we execute the getSuggestions function.

However, if the results from a previous word search OR some message is present in the div, then we want to clear the div so that we can display the results of the new search.

If there are results from a previous search in the responseField div, then there will be an ordered list with a number of <li> elements. These are considered as the children of the responseField div (parent) element.

If the previous search didn’t return any results, then the responseField will be displaying "<p>Try again!</p><p>There were no suggestions found!</p>". These two <p> elements will be the children of the responseField div in this situation.

See the function renderResponse in the helperFunctions.js file to see how the responseField is being populated.

Elements, whitespace and comments if present all qualify as children.

After the submit button is clicked for new search, removeChild removes the first child of the responseField div. It keeps looping [because of the condition while (responseField.firstChild)] till all children of the responseField div are removed. Once that happens and the div has no more children, then null is returned which means the while condition is no longer true. With the responseField div wiped clean, getSuggestions() is called to process and display the new search results.

See documentation for more details: