FAQ: Requests I - XHR Post Requests III

I’m cancelling my account after this course module. It’s been a bumpy ride, but I think it’s high time I moved on to something else.

Important course modules are bugged or under-explained. Throughout the entirety of this course module, I got all the ticks and made the course work, but I didn’t understand anything.

I laughed when the tutor said “as a challenge, try to rebuild it all from scratch”. How will I do that when I know nothing of what was done?

From promises/await…async, we are thrown into a code that uses a module for reading files and we’re expected to know all of that. I’m lucky that I have a Python background, so I was able to get the basic gist. There was a sentence “now you’ve written a boiler plate for constructing an XMLHttpRequest”. We don’t even know what a boiler plate is, we do not know what an XMLHttpRequest object is, but the sentence was made anyway. It seems like they can’t be bothered to try to make us understand.
The mentality now is;
First step: throw in an image of the code.
Second step: Make them write everything in the image in the editor.
Last step: Repeat step one and two for every single thing.

The course module explaining how to export modules was overly verbose, we should have finished that in 15 minutes, but we had lessons upon lessons of literally copying and pasting.
The “higher-order function” course module was a mess, I don’t even want to remember it.

In my opinion, get the person who wrote the module on classes and ask him to rewrite the remaining modules here.
It was nice knowing you all, and thanks to everyone who answered my questions or linked to helpful materials when we needed that.