FAQ: Requests I - XHR GET Requests I

This community-built FAQ covers the “XHR GET Requests I” exercise from the lesson “Requests I”.

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Introduction To JavaScript

FAQs on the exercise XHR GET Requests I

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So can I think that AJAX is a technology to communicate data asynchronously after initial page load and Premise, XHR are concrete frameworks which implement the technique?

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Is all communication between the server and Javascript accomplished using XML/AJAX at some level, or is that just one method of communication?

This will be a bit of a tricky read, but give it a go and check some of the results…


We will, at this stage be focusing on AJAX (Asynchronous JAvascript over XML). AJAX is a later refinement of the original XHR (XMLHTTPRequest).

You might find this reading somewhat enlightening, though not a direct answer to your question…


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