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This community-built FAQ covers the “Redirection” exercise from the lesson “Redirection”.

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Learn the Command Line

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I am new to coding and absolutely love it! But I am stuck.
In Learn the Command Line: Redirection or any part of section 3 for that matter, When I go to Get Help, and ask for code solution and it gives it to me, it checks the boxes but it does not show me anything on my screen, no code, just blank screen! How do I know where I went wrong if there is nothing showing?

The very first part of lesson 3 does not work. It ask the user to type, echo “hello” after the shell prompt.

I have tried typing echo hello, and echo “hello”, and neither one will allow me to go on to the next step. It prints hello on the screen as expected, but it tells me to do it again every time I do it. There’s no way to progress to the next step.

I’m using Firefox 68.0.2 on Fedora 30 Linux. I have all content blocking disabled in my browser.


I am also having the same issue… Is there a place where someone answered this question?

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It’s because you are most likely typing in “hello” not “Hello”. You need to capitalize the “H” for it to work. I was getting caught up on it and that solved it for me.


It’s a common theme for this module. I’m not sure why exactly but every time you ask for the solution, it will check the boxes but not sure you the solution. Likewise it will often wipe my inputted text after a period of time or if I refresh my screen.

Hello @robgit28!

The solution is likely not shown because there is no code editor in which the solution can be saved. Anything typed directly into the terminal itself is not saved and will disappear once a new terminal session is started. This is also why what you’ve typed disappears once your refresh your screen, as you are starting a new session.

Thanks for that. Appreciate it.

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that did it for me thanks