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This community-built FAQ covers the “Nested Routes” exercise from the lesson “React Router”.

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This section doesn’t seem to work, either…

The username doesn’t appear to be set properly as all I see after clicking Profile is this:

Screenshot from 2022-01-04 10-07-26

To investigate, I dumped the value of currentUser within Profile.js to see what the value was:
Screenshot from 2022-01-04 10-10-16

It seems the username isn’t there:
Screenshot from 2022-01-04 10-10-06

Hi there, I’ve done some digging around and was able to replicate your error if I didn’t update the Header.js file with NavLinks to replace the a tags — specifically, if link that redirects to /profile is an a tag, it will cause the page to reload, thus losing the username that you had entered.

If you include NavLinks instead of a tags, you will get the desired behavior ONLY if you click on the profile button. Even if you have the proper NavLinks, if you were to enter your username and then manually navigate to /profile in the URL bar, you would lose the username. Why? Because this application is quite simple in the way it “signs users in”. Unlike more realistic sign-in features, this application simply stores the username in the browser’s memory which gets wiped when you refresh the browser which, as we learned, happens when you click on an <a> tag or if you navigate to a URL in the browser. In a more realistic application, when a user signs in, that data would be stored in some back-end service or in the browser’s cache (or something like that).

I hope this helps!