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This community-built FAQ covers the “Like II” exercise from the lesson “Queries”.

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Is there a way to search for patterns with a specific case. For example, “The” as opposed of “the”.
In RegEx we can use (?i).
Is it possible with SQL?


How do we get result for pattern which start and ends with certain character. For example lets say i want results which start with ‘The’ and end with ‘s’

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FROM movies
WHERE name LIKE ‘The %s’


Can you show the difference between A% and A % in LIKE II?

I would like to know what is the difference between “The%” and “The %”. Does the space in between do anything significant? Thanks!

Yes. “The%” can display words like “There”, but “The %” can’t.

Hi, what happens if you want to search for something that has a % sign in it’s title? Do you need to find an alternative operation? For example for these made up movies titles: “I 100% agree” and “The 80% rule”.

You can use _

FROM films
WHERE title LIKE '100_' ;
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Ahh - that’s good to know! Thank you so much.

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