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This community-built FAQ covers the “Case” exercise from the lesson “Queries”.

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How or where do I input ORDER BY, as I’d like to see Chill first then Intense?


Insert the line after FROM movies and end that line with the semi-colon, not this one.


Thanks but it’s not working. Can’t get all the "Chills’ together. This seems to always sort by genre:

SELECT name,

  WHEN genre = 'romance' THEN 'Chill'
  WHEN genre = 'comedy'  THEN 'Chill'
  ELSE 'Intense'
 END AS 'Mood'

FROM movies
ORDER BY 'Mood';

If it is using the genre to order rows, how can I bring up ‘comedy’ then ‘romance’ then the rest in that order?


Column headings are not strings.


It is not in this instance. The two columns are name and Mood.

If we wanted the names to be sorted as well as the mood,

ORDER BY Mood, name;

First, examine the Schema

Database Schema
movies 230 rows
name	TEXT
genre	TEXT
imdb_rating	REAL

If we wish to sort by genre, then we need to include that column in the selection.

SELECT name, genre,

and in the sort line,

ORDER BY Mood, genre, name;



I wonder why there has to be a comma after ‘SELECT name’ from the code below.
And also curious about why ‘FROM movie’ has to be at the end.

SELECT name,
WHEN imdb_rating > 8 THEN ‘Fantastic’
WHEN imdb_rating > 6 THEN ‘Poorly Received’
ELSE ‘Avoid at All Costs’
END AS ‘Review’
FROM movies;



Because it separates the name from the CASE clause, which is also a parameter of the SELECT clause. Everything before FROM is part of SELECT.


Aha! Thank you soooo much!:slight_smile: