FAQ: Overview of the Internet - Browsers and Servers

Found this - TCP: How the Transmission Control Protocol works - IONOS

Hello @yiralinares

I’m Jessy and I’m deaf. I want to inform you that Live Captions are not enough since it is automated caption as much as it can hear as it can. Put the actual caption by the person will be accurately correct accessibility.

Live caption only can hear GOOD ENOUGH as best as it can which is not equally accessible as hearing people do.

I highly recommend you or any staff to put or type the actual caption like the closed caption on the shows and movies on Netflix, Hulu, etc.

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I thought the information in the “What is server?” YouTube video was bit outdated especially the types of web browsers available in 2024. Internet Explorer is obsolete and was replaced by Microsoft Edge. Web browsing by users is concerned more about privacy. For example, I personally use Brave web browser.

Since we’re on the topic of browsers and servers, I wonder how that affects our future role as a full stack engineer?