FAQ: Overview of Data Acquisition Methods - Making API request from browser

This community-built FAQ covers the “Making API request from browser” exercise from the lesson “Overview of Data Acquisition Methods”.

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[Beta] Data Science Foundations

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I’ve run the api calls but the tasks aren’t marking themselves as done so I can’t move forward


I’ve been having the same issue. Also emailed. Frustrating to have something out of your control completely stall your progress when you’re paying for the “pro” edition membership.


Also having this issue. My API call was correct, but just to be sure, I copied and pasted the call from the “Hint” and still no response in the page.


Same. I reported the bug and hopefully they work on it asap.


I am facing the same issue. COuld they resolve it?


Same—api calls don’t result in the task reading as marked.


samething here! how can we move ?


They have not fixed this yet. I cannot move forward either, although my code was correct. Very frustrating.


Same issue. Does anyone knows how to flag this


I have the same issue as all of you. Given this thread goes back quite some time I would have expecte that the issue would have been solved now.

I have reported it on the page (Get Unstuck → Bugs). Hopefully this will trigger a response.


I am also having the same issue

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Same issue for me - very frustrating. I’ve submitted a bug report hopefully that gets picked up soon…

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Seems to have been fixed, mostly by just having the next button active from the start.

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its resolved now.
I think they just removed the need to complete it.

Not resolve . how to inform them?

Hello everyone! I am currently trying to complete the “Data Scientist: Analytics” careet path. I finished the “Python Fundamentals for Data Science (Part I)” and I am beginning part II. I am wondering if anybody else is feeling a bit overwhelmed with this section. Part I was mostly very straightforward and beginner-friendly but part II starts off talking about scraping websites and APIs. It is all very confusing to me because part I did not go over how to use any packages in Python and the career path has not covered the syntax for making an API request. I am excited to try to learn about data science and analytics but I am now feeling discouraged. Should I be learning other things before I attempt to continue with this career path? I am wondering if I need to take some basic computer science courses or if I should move to taking the stand-alone Python course here to get a better understanding of things? Anytime I see something that tells me to use the “command line” or “terminal” I get scared :sweat_smile:. If anybody has any suggestions I would really appreciate it.

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Im on the same careeer path as you and Im also a complete beginner. I had to take the commandline course (Learn the Command Line) after the Python I and then I started the Git course (Learn Git & GitHub). Im about 65% done with that one and now also trying to start the Python II… So I guess I would recomend those two courses… how ever it didnt help me with this API stuff :sweat_smile:

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It’s good to know I’m not the only one! I guess I will have to take a little journey into some of those other courses you mentioned. I think it was extra frustrating becuase it was smooth sailing and then I had the sudden realization that there was soooo much more to learn. I hope you’re making out ok now! Good luck!

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That was my feeling aswell. First everything was easy and then not at all :sweat_smile:
Thanks, good luck you too!

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