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This community-built FAQ covers the “Your First Command” exercise from the lesson “Navigation”.

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Web Development
Computer Science

Learn the Command Line

FAQs on the exercise Your First Command

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Hi you say this is only for unix or Mac based systems but what about the rest of us - how can I carry on the coarse if I have a Windows system? Please don’t abandon me now pleaseeeeeee :slight_smile: thanks Lisa


Eh. It’s not really for an os as such, rather for a collection of programs one would expect to find on a unix-like system.

windows is more of a point-and-click thing, aside from microsoft products you just… wouldn’t

If you’re using windows 10 then you’d be able to use wsl, otherwise you can use msys2, they both provide a unix-like environment.


Thanks for your response. I was tired and had a stupid moment, sorry and thanks