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This community-built FAQ covers the “ls” exercise from the lesson “Navigation”.

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I don’t understand

The directories blog , test , and the file index.js are the contents of the current directory.

We are in the “blog” folder. but I don’t see the other two strings (test and index.js) anywhere. what’s up with that? What am I missing?

Hi, I am a beginner as well, but I assume that there was an update to this lesson (since I had the same issue) and it was unfortunately forgotten that the old directories and files (that might have been used previously in the lesson), namely blog , test , and the file index.js needed to also be replaced to 2014, 2015 and hardware.txt.

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I don’t understand what is wrong here. And it doesnt let me to move on without it.

Hey there, @core1360197931. Welcome to the forums!

I believe you’re typing Is, as in “Isadora”.

It should be ls, as in “list”.

I understand it can be confusing due to how it appears on the screen.

So try LS (in lowercase), see if that works for you.

Yessss, thank you :slight_smile:

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Instead is Is, it is suppose to be LS (in lowercase form) to represent “lists”.

I get:

$ ls
2014  2015  hardware.txt


$ ls
blog  index.js  test

Have I done something wrong?

These are the contents of the blog directory.

The directories blog , test , and the file index.js are the contents of the current directory.

No, it looks like what you’ve done is correct. The instructions state that those three files/directories should are contained in the current directory. blog and test are directories, while index.js is a JavaScript file.

You can reference the filesystem for this lesson here.

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