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This community-built FAQ covers the “cd I” exercise from the lesson “Navigation”.

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Interesting and very helpful lesson! One thing though, in the third exercise in this lesson, you have to input 3 commands. Of course, you can’t do that at once, so you get a red cross for the first two commands and then get a green checkmark when you complete your third. This can be a bit confusing


you are very right, I am stuck a little while and i saw your comment and tried it . Now it passed through lol. Thanks

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it is annyoying pls heelp me!!!1


So how did you solve it out?I am a bit stuck as well
pwd cd jan pwd cd memory
this is where i am stuck . the thrid code . any ideas ?

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@board1204397873 @net6886689532

cd only takes one argument, the file name. Do pwd and press enter. Then you’ll see where you are, you can also do ls to see if there actually is a file or folder named memory or jan, then you simple have to navigate to that folder/file

And what it’s asking you to do, is move to the jan folder (so cd jan) and then move to the memory folder, so cd memory


hello, I am so sorry and I don’t remember well anymore all steps ( i have a short memory). I was moving on now a bit forward. I tried to find this project in my Syllabus and I cannot find it anymore ( strange). What I remember is I did double codes. Could you pls send me a screenshot of the project and then I can quickly answer you all codes.

This is the question


I got pretty stuck on this. The problem was it kept on saying what i was entering was incorrect until I finished the whole path.

The solution:

  1. print the working directory to find out where you are (pwd) - it will say /home/ccuser/workspace/blog.
  2. use the change directory to navigate into the 2015 folder ($ cd 2015) - which you’ve probably done in the previous step.
  3. check where you are again by using (pwd) - it will print /home/ccuser/workspace/blog/2015.
  4. use the (cd) to navigate to the jan folder ($ cd jan)
  5. use the (pwd) to check where you are in the directorty - it will print /home/ccuser/workspace/blog/2015/jan.
  6. use (cd) to navigate to the memory folder ($ cd memory)
  7. lastly, use the (pwd) to check you are in the memory folder - /home/ccuser/workspace/blog/2015/jan/memory

You will be able to go onto the next step. I hope this is clear and helps.


Thank you. Problem solved

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here are 3 screen shots i did in these tutorials. Jan/memory one is not the real tutorial and the one below is the tutorial.


i managed to do it myself with help from the forum page.

Omg… thank u so muchhh!! Thanks for ur efforts

thank you Your instruction helped me alot!

I understand
I am used to a prompt coming out from a different program when it goes through or it coming with a fail
You have to look at it carefuly, and prompt yourself!
Thanks for the explanation
I am going to to practice it a couple more times before going onto the next!

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Hi! For people who have trouble with the first cd lesson here’s what you do:


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Even I am confused :woman_shrugging:t2::face_with_monocle:

What are you having trouble with?

thank you sooooo much