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This community-built FAQ covers the “cd I” exercise from the lesson “Navigation”.

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I don’t get why when I type cd .. nothing happens. Why is the return blank? What is the significance of that step?

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cd means Change Directory, .. is for the parent directory. so on the left hand side, the directory should have changes (you could verify with pwd)


Do I need the forward slash at the end of $cd jan/memory/ ?

It looks like like I’m getting the same result with $cd jan/memory .

Is there a reason why I should use the last forward slash?

Also is anyone else having problems selecting and copying the command line codes from the codecademy terminal?

Thank you.

what does the instruction “Print the working directory again to see the new location.” I literally have no idea what that means, but seem to be progressing through the checkboxes without it.

Do you currently know what the working directory is? You could verify this with a command, that is what the exercise asks

Completely missed the fact that it was referring to the PWD command. DUH!!! Thanks!

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Hi, how does argument work? I can’t understand what is it’s purpose.

well, cd (change directory) is a program, which can take arguments. In this case, the argument will the directory you wish to visit

So for example, if I’m in /home/ccuser/workspace/blog/2015/feb then to go to /home/ccuser/workspace/blog/2015/jan I have to use cd …/jan, right? cd directory_name only takes me down one of the directories present in the directory I’m currently in?

Well, absolute right. .. is parent directory.

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