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What am I doing wrong?
Neither Mode() nor the solution in hints, stats.mode(), is working.
I found a solution on ProgrammingR

getMode <- function(x) {
keys <- na.omit(unique(x))
keys[which.max(tabulate(match(x, keys)))]

that is working quite well, but I assume that this is not the solution meant by the tutorial…
Can anybody help?


Jup, I had the same issue… and after clicking view solution it just gave me the same Mode() solution I used before…
At now I can continue with the course.


Same issue. I have made a Bug Report.

Same issue here! Reporting as well.

And @maiabali, thanks for the help!

Same issue as well! I just reported it!

The lesson part introduces the function Mode() from the DescTools library. It produces a result, but is not accepted. The hint suggests the untaught function stats.mode(). Using it produces an error, function not found. The solution, as other people have said, is identical to the not accepted at first use of Mode().


Had the same problem! Couldn’t find a difference so I copied the given solution, reset the question, and replaced the given code with the solution code, and it didn’t work! Felt like I was going crazy for a while

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Same issue here. Exercice seems to be broken. Reporting it !

This issue is still present. A shame. Reporting.

A hint to anyone affected: just press “View the Solution” and move forward.

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Same issue after so many reports. Pity…

I don’t understand what I am doing wrong:

title: "Mode in R"
output: html_notebook
```{r message=FALSE, warning=FALSE}
# import libraries

# Read author data
greatest_books = read_csv("top-hundred-books.csv")

# Set author ages to 
author_ages <- greatest_books$Ages

mode_age <- Mode(author_ages)

print(paste("The mode age of authors from Le Monde's 100 greatest books is: ", mode_age[1]))

I got an error: Did you declare a variable mode_age and assign it the Mode() of author_ages?
Update: I literally copied and pasted the exact Codecademy solution and I still receive this error: Did you declare a variable mode_age and assign it the Mode() of author_ages?

The exercise is bugged. Don’t copy paste the Codecademy solution.
Try running the code you wrote twice. You will get error message. After the second message, the “View Solution” button will become available. When you click the button, you will be asked whether you want to keep trying OR you want to accept the provided solution. Choose to accept the provided solution and the exercise will turn green allowing you to progress to the next lesson. No need for copy pasting the solution.

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Bug should be fixed - thanks for bringing it to our attention, y’all. Sorry it took so long. Let me know if it’s still bugged for you!

For some context, our backend test was checking if mode_age was equal to 38, but it seems like Mode() returns an array, because there could be more than one mode. So we shouldn’t be testing if mode_age is 38, we should be testing if mode_age[1] is 38.

I also changed the hint to reflect what was taught in the narrative. I didn’t write this lesson, so I don’t know the exact difference between Mode(example_list) and stats.mode(), but since the lesson didn’t teach stats.mode() I just removed the reference to it.