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What does the “…” operator in “$stripe-properties…” do?


same question. Can we skip that 3 dots?

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The same question occurs to me. So I’ve replicated the code on Codepen: https://codepen.io/masakudamatsu/pen/MNppvo

When I remove ..., I get an error message saying “Mixin stripes is missing argument $width-percent.”

$width-percent is the second argument for the stripes mixin.

It seems that without ... the variable $stripe-properties will be interpreted as the first argument for the stripes mixin.

I think I figured it out. The “…” works like the spread operator in JavaScript. It can be used to pass each list element as a different argument to a mixin.

In your codepen, $stripe-properties is a list with 4 elements. If you pass it without “…”, the list will indeed be passed as the first argument. But if you add “…”, you’ll spread its elements: the first element will be passed as the first element; the second element will be passed as the second argument; and so on.

You can check more in this post: https://scotch.io/tutorials/how-to-use-sass-mixins#toc-passing-arguments-to-mixins (see Variable Arguments Continued)

Hope it helps!

I did everything they asked and I got the checkmark and passed the exercise but what? and the stripes do a really strange flicker.

Passed but at what cost?

I seem to have a bug in every single lesson of this course so far… Code it doesn’t want or expect me to have from a previous lesson is being carried over making me not pass the lesson, then when I reset and complete the lesson it still fails me even though comparing the two code bases they’re identical?

Please fix this course.