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On page 1/8, where two versions of the same website are linked (one version that’s supposed to be responsive, one that isn’t), both websites look and respond identically in my browser, no matter how much I play with the browser’s dimensions. Is that supposed to happen? I’m using Chrome 74.0.3729.108 (the latest version as far as I know) on OSX.


The first thing you should notice if starting at say 1000px width and shrinking down to around 600px is the title changes font size and position, and the ‘selected titles’ goes from the left to the center and heading background is screen-wide. Notice also how the background image of the header is smaller and looks centered again.

Shrink all the way down and watch the images change size.


Both links bring me to the same non responsive website in my browser too!


Yes you are right, I tried on my mac this exercise and it didn’t work, both links were doing the same, but then I tried on an external screen and I could tell the difference.

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They look identical but if you pay attention to the red banners that say “Selected Titles” and “Contact” you’ll see the small difference.

I’m having the same issue as well on my Mac with Chrome browser–both sites are the same in terms of responsiveness.

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Both links redirect you to identical-looking web pages. However, if you shrink your browser window’s width, you will see a difference. Try making its width very small and you should see a difference

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Both sites look the same regardless of resizing

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Guys, open them in two separate windows, pull them to the smallest width possible and then compare them next to each other! You will definitely see the difference

There’s definitely no change in behavior between both sites. I resized them in all possible ways, side to side, with DevTools and they look exactly the same.

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So Codecademy here needs to either provide a better example which actually shows the difference or a screenshot at least of what is the difference rather than letting learners keep playing “find the difference”.