FAQ: Manipulation - Wildcards

You have to do ls satire/, not just ls (even though you are already in satire).

Thanks for this i was stuck here for a bit.

Hello! I get flagged when follow logic at step 5. Is it a bug or did I misunderstood the assignement? :smiling_face_with_tear:


The first task seems to expect an absolute path, this is one that starts from the root directory /.

Task 5 seems to expect a relative path which is a path based on your current directory. The guidance suggest how you’d get from a working directory of /home/ccuser/workspace/movies/comedy to /home/ccuser/workspace/movies/action using a relative path (back one level and then into action/).

Chances are the test itself is reliant on certain input rather than the actual change in directory so whilst the absolute path will change your directory you cannot pass the test that way. Try moving back to comedy/ and then using the relative path like the example given.

Hi all,
I am new to coding and I am working on exercise 7 in the wildcard lesson, the last step is to:

Without switching directories, list all the files and directories in scifi/.
You should see a copy of all text files starting with "m": matrix.txt, matrix-reloaded.txt, and matrix-revolutions.txt.

When using the “ls” command I see the copy of all the text files starting with “m” but also see “terminator.txt” why is that.?

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As I can see from your previous post, you are actually not in scifi directory but one level up and thats why ls command fetches the content of the level above scifi… and for thsi you need to point the ls command to the required directory (in this case scifi)

I think the right answer is

cp *.* satire/

because it was mentioned particularly to move only the files and not the directory and using

cp * satire/

will move also the directories (folders) from current directory to satire

This worked for me whereas cp * satire/ did not.

Please can someone explain why? :slight_smile: