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"To rename a file, use mv with the old file as the first argument and the new file as the second argument. By moving batman.txt into spiderman.txt , we rename the file as spiderman.txt "

please explain more specific, when move a txt(1) to other txt(2), it mean we move the content? and then the txt(1) will be deleted?

rename? it become 2 similar txt or one’ll be deleted?


Yeah this seems weird - it doesn’t seem like a rename, but a delete and replace?

The code is not working. Could someone tell me what’s going on? I have even refreshed the page!

I have the same problem! Do u know how to solve this already?

did you ever get a solution to this ridiculous issue? I’m having the same roadblock.

Hello @marquetry (and @array1489718941 and @5585635017)!

This exact issue is being discussed here.

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Hi all!

I’ve typed in the exact command as it is stated in order to navigate to the comedy/slapstick/ directory:
" cd …/…/comedy/slapstick/ "

however I receive an error message saying that there’s no such file or directory:

What happens here, considering I am entering the command exactly as Codecademy states?

Thanks for the help,


Hello @isabellafiore9439475 and welcome to the Codecademy Forums!

The exercises in this course can be a bit buggy sometimes. The exercise expects you to start off in the directory you were in for the last exercise. In other words, although your command is correct, the slapstick/ directory doesn’t exist if you use the specified file path. Please see this response on another topic; it will solve the issue.