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This community-built FAQ covers the “ls -alt” exercise from the lesson “Manipulation”.

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Why am I not getting a time of day when using ls -l or ls -alt in Manipulation Lesson 3 and 4?

I meant ls -t, not ls -l.

I think I figure it out. The time only shows if the last change was in the present calendar year. otherwise the year of the change is shown.

On lesson 4/10 I can’t seem to progress past .1 even though I am in the drama/biopic directory. Anyone able to advise? Is it a bug or am I missing something obvious?


you need to run:

cd ../drama/biopic/    

from the right directory, any attempt to run anything else will not complete the exercise.

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Thank you, I must have been trying from another directory. Working now.

Sorry, what means “total 20” that appears in my working space after ls -alt command used for “comedy” directory? By the way, does it matter that the listed files in this directory in my working space and in the topic description have slightly different order? Because of time they were edited?

I’ve got about “total”, sorry!

I seem to have navigated away from the right directory so I can’t continue the lesson! - what is the name of the directory I should be in so I can navigate my way back please?

Ah. I think I’ve figure it out - or solved it!

Just type cd …/drama/biopic/ starting the exercice… then you can see the checkbox which means you did it!!! This is wrong. When you type …/ you are going up a level, and of course you can see: No such file or directory. Then you have to type: cd /drama/biopic/ . then : write ls and that it’s.


This lesson is really badly formulated. spent 10-15 mins figuring out that I had to come from the comedy directory. to anyone else having trouble completing this step: You have to navigate to the biopic folder directly from the comedy folder. pwd to make sure you’re in the comedy folder, then cd …/drama/biopic

In lesson 4, after I typed "cd …/drama/biopic/ "
It returns “no such file or dictionary”
What should I do? so confused

Seems you are not in the right directory to execute this command? Start with:


to see your current working directory

Thanks! I hope you include the use of “pwd” in the course.

Sometimes this course will use questions like this one:

Navigate to the drama/biopic/ directory.
cd …/drama/biopic/
List all files and directories in the working directory.

as a single task. After returning the cd …/drama/biopic/ line, the question will show an X instead of a checkmark, plus some delay.

Is there a way to run cd and ls in a single command without scripting out a function or something?

Doesn’t work out for me either. Quite annoying.

ok I’m in the comedy directory and it says go to drama-biopic. I type it in EXACTLY as shown. I followed the directions to the letter. Three https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-the-command-line/lessons/command-line-manipulation/exercises/ls-alttimes. No such directory.

Three times, that is

Yea this course is really messed up. I gave up on 4/10 and then had the same problem with 5/10.

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