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This community-built FAQ covers the “cp Part II” exercise from the lesson “Manipulation”.

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I had some trouble with this practice, specifically:

In step 2, despite the result: gladiator.txt notorious.txt ray.txt selma.txt

it still mark as wrong so I can not finish this practice.

Pls help me


Check if you’re parked in the movies directory with
$ pwd
I think you have done something like
$ cd drama
and then executed the rest of the commands from there
I’ve done the mistake myself you need to stay parked in the current directory and use relative path instead of navigation with
$ cd

I’ve tried to start with
cd movies but it comes back as not being a file or directory while cd drama
allows me to complete the tasks

step 2 keeps marking me wrong even though i’m pretty sure i have it right. help?

anyone has solutions with?
I’ve been stuck with this

Type the pwd command. Note that we’re back in the movies/ directory again.

Copy drama/biopic/ray.txt and drama/biopic/notorious.txt into the drama/historical/ directory.

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Rather than having someone provide you with the solution, try solving the exercise again after having solicited help on the forums.

What are the commands you used? Complete each task one at a time.

Did you use the pwd command? And are you in the movies directory?

i am having trouble with step 6 can anyone explain how do i look up the content of historical im throwing myself against a wall XP

never mind i figured it out lol disregard.

can anyone help me with cp command i have been stuck in it for days?
should i write pwd first or cp both the fiels to the directories first.

From what I can tell it’s pwd (what directory are you in) then copy the files, followed by ls to check if the copy was successful.

To break that down a little you’re using pwd to find out what your current working directory is (you could also use ls at this point to check the contents of the current directory though it won’t progress the lesson). Once you know your current directory copying files is easier since you can use relative paths (which are also provided). Then you list (ls) the contents of the newly altered history directory to check that your copy was successful.

start with pwd to make sure you are in movies/ directory, then use cp command.

$ pwd

$ ls drama/historical/
cleopatra.txt gladiator.txt notorious.txt ray.txt selma.txt

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Do you know how to successfully finish number one? I type pwd command and hit enter, then from there everything I’ve tried is not working.

Welcome to the forums!

Perhaps try resetting the exercise. Click Get Unstuck, then Reset Exercise, then try again.

Thank you but I’ve already done that several times now

Same here. Did you ever figure it out?

Works for me. There are 2 steps to the first instruction. You won’t pass #1 until you do everything here:

Type the pwd command. Note that we’re back in the movies/ directory again.

Copy drama/biopic/ray.txt and drama/biopic/notorious.txt into the drama/historical/ directory.

( think I’m just going to start this class again because I am having trouble even after this so I must be doing something wrong. thanks

Yep, maybe a reset will help. Good luck!