FAQ: Manipulation - cp Part I

for myself I need to understand were I am in the directory tree and were I want to go. Start out with Pwd see were you are. Navigate to movies, just a good reference point. Now the instructions say to go to Drama, so cd drama. PWD look and make sure. or ls. now both of the directories we want to work with are in the drama directory so we only have to go sideway not up or down the tree. cp the directory that has the file (biopic) then the file name next, we tell where to put the file next with historical. That is why the answer in the hint section is short and not a full path. Start at drama.

you have to type Y or N

Hey all (and admin/dev team)

just thought to share my experience with this particular course. when doing the course, i noticed that whether you progress (getting that green tick) or not is dependent on getting the actual answers, but rather getting the code that they think you should be getting (basically passing their validation checks on ur code). i noticed that because the tutorial will say something like “you should be in movies/ now” but if you print the current directory, you will realise that you are in movies/drama, or something like that. then obviously the command you type to get the result will never be right, even if you managed to get the right answer.

this requires some tweak on the developers’ end, which i dont know if they will ever get to see this to improve the experience, but i think having this understanding should help you navigate the course.


Unfortunately it is unlikely to be seen by any of the relevant codecademy staff at this location within the forums. I think sending this to either but not both of the following forum sections would be helpful :slightly_smiling_face: (depending on exactly how you see this issue and the closest fit)-

I’m stick on step 5. Here’s what i type
cp cleopatra.txt historical
but it shows me
cp: cannot stat ‘cleopatra.txt’ : No such files or directory

Take another look at the diagram on the RHS, cleopatra.txt is not actually in the drama directory. Remember you can always check where you are with pwd and see the contents of the current directory with ls.