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This community-built FAQ covers the “cp Part I” exercise from the lesson “Manipulation”.

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I’m in the cp command tutorial, part 5. I’m being asked to copy cleopatra.txt from /biopic to /historical.

My command was cp cleopatra.txt /home/ccuser/workspace/movies/drama/historical

Did I do something wrong? The exercise asked me to copy from one place to another, and I can easily see the text in the other directory.

The hint says to change to the /drama directory before copying cleopatra.txt from ./biopic to ./historical/. I have copied the file - for which there appears to be no content - but the step #5 does not check off.?

What was the exact command you used? If you copied it correctly, you should be able to see the file in the historical directory. Additionally, some of the exercises in this course require an exact command to be inputted (yours may have accomplished the same thing but you’ll only pass if you put in the exact command the LE is looking for).

I successfully copied cleopatra.txt directly from the current directory without changing the working directory first, using:

cp cleopatra.txt ../historical

I confirmed this copied properly, but wasn’t able to proceed until I cd’d back to the higher directory and copied the file again from there. Seems an arbitrary requirement to force a single method of proceeding if there are other methods (already learned!) which work just as well.

Also – if anyone finds out how to disable this awful red popup text whenever you pwd or ls to confirm where you are in the directory tree, please let me know! confirming where you are is a basic part of using the command line, and we shouldn’t need to close a popup every time we do so.