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This community-built FAQ covers the “cp II” exercise from the lesson “Manipulation”.

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19 posts were split to a new topic: No such file or directory error

In this exercise, we’re introduced to the * wildcard and we see it being used like so (cp m*.txt scifi/). It explains what this does in the next slide, however I am still confused as to where these text files starting with ‘m’ have come from? It says they’re from the working directory which I understand to be the directory currently open but I don’t see them. Any explanation is greatly appreciated.


This “Learn the Command Line” course is really confused. I haven’t learned how to create a new file. And the hint just leads me to another course. If I want to learn the Commend Line from beginning, which course should I start with?

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The course seems to reset your PWD and then asks to go to a directory using a wrong starting point and then you are stuck until you navigate to a place from where the specific cd …/…/[directory] works and then you are good to go. This behavior could be very confusing for new people to the command line.

A review might be a good idea.


Actually it doesn’t work out at all for me.

For some reason the system does not recognize that I am already in the comedy directory. What’s happening?

Another broken module from the Command Line course, you have to give incorrect answers for the module to proceed. Please review!


I can’t seem to move past this screen for some reason, any ideas?

I have the same problem;

You may have figured this out or just moved on by now, but I got stuck in the same place and was able to progress by going two folders deep and then moving back up to the Comedy folder using the command they give you.


I’m following the progression on lesson 6 (cp II). I have listed the files in the “scifi” directory and input the command to list the txt files starting with “m”. According to the instructions, it should list:

matrix.txt , matrix-reloaded.txt , and matrix-revolutions.txt .

Instead, it has listed:

and it has passed me, I’m not under the impression this is correct, should I report it?


I’m not sure but I think terminator.txt may have been in the scifi directory already. The wording,making it sound like you should ONLY see the matrix files, is weird, but I believe this is working as intended.


This problem of resetting the current working dir is confusing a lot of people and need to be fixed… THAT’S A PRO COURSE ! make it worth it !

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I agree. I cannot see them listed in the tree image we were given at the beginning but if we run a ls on the directory they are listed. Another hole in this course

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For some reason unless you copy & paste the command from the instructions ti won’t let you pass to the next step. Just copy & paste it so you can move on. Very poorly designed in my opinion

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