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I am trying to go to the drama directory (cd …/drama/) but it doesn’t exist. When I list the directories it replies that only biopic and historical are in there, but hey, cd …/biopic/ evidentially doesn’t exist even though it just told me it did. Are my commands wrong? cd …drama/ and cd …historical/ cd …biopic/ ?


If it says only biopic and historical are in there, it means you are already inside drama based on the files tree:

If you want to go back one level and then enter to drama, this is the correct command to do it:

cd ../drama and not cd …drama/

I hope this helps.

How can I navigate one directory form drama/historical/ to drama with cp

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So I copied cleopatra.txt to the historical/ directory. But when I then navigate to the historical directory and list all the files, it won’t recognize that the step is complete. Suggestions?


Hi, I have the same issue!

Hi Codeacademy,
I am facing the same issue.
I copied cleopatra.txt to the historical/ directory. But when I then navigate to the historical directory and list all the files, it won’t recognize that the step is complete.


The same things happens to me, however i could “pass” with the following steps.

1.- Click on the button “Get Help”
2.- Solutions/Get code Solutions
3.- Click on "Give me the solutions to this exercise

i hope this help you!



I too facing the same problem.Why those commands are not accessible?

Is there a way to reset this section?

Having the same issue now! And trying to get the solutions to the exercise doesn’t help!

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If that’s the list its giving you then you are already in the correct directory. Don’t forget your pwd command to check your current working directory.

Hi, i’m stuck here to, i tried to do the slsvm’s solution but i have a small red button on the top right telling me “could not restore workspace” somebody already have that problem? It will help me a lot cause i’m stuck here for to long …

Hi I’m having the same issue too.

Hi – in the cp I exercise: Is step 4 necessary (cd up the file tree) to use the cp command in step 5?


I did this on my own computer, cp filename1.txt filename2.txt and it worked great (unfortunately…). The data on file 1 got copied to file 2 and overwrote everything on file 2. I’m afraid I just deleted very important data. I have searched for the original file 2 but cant find it :frowning: I tried to restore to previous version but it wants me to tell where I have the backup which I obviously dont have (but undoubtedly would have had if I knew that this command would not just copy from A to B and keep what was already there, but actually overwrite B). I hope there is some way I can revert this. Can somebody please help me or am I screwed?
My first post here! A pleasure.
Code Wide

ls action comedy drama genres.txt cd drama
ls biopic historical ls
biopic historical


From what I can see from the instructions, entering ls was right. but it doesn’t work

the first part of the lesson is completely wrong pls review

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So many bugs! And I can’t even see where I went wrong by pressing get solution. Why am I giving CC my money?! CC hit me up if you need someone to sort out all these issues so we can use the resources…

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Clicking on Get code solution only passed me through the steps without any actual solution, very disappointing. :expressionless:

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