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This community-built FAQ covers the “Takeaways” exercise from the lesson “Making Visualizations in Tableau”.

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Data Scientist: Analytics Specialist

Learn Tableau for Data Visualization

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This is the closest topic I could find related to my question about the Airplane Wildlife Strikes section of the Final Project of this course. I wanted to ask about Emma’s text they added to their beautiful dashboard seen here: https://public.tableau.com/app/profile/codecademy/viz/LearnTableauforDV-FAAwildlifestrikes/roulettedashboard

The text has some summary stats in it that I appreciate, but I wanted to know why they put “94.7% ended up costing airlines and airports $0 in aircraft repairs. However, the remaining 5.3% of collisions account for over $100 billion of damage.” The percentages are great, those check out. I confirmed that by doing a count of all of the strikes that cost $0 (26800) and then divide by total (28298) the % is 94.7. However the remaining 5.3% do not sum to over $100B. I am summing Cost: Total $ and the number is only $322,160,887. Far less than 1 billion.

So where did this $100 Billion come from? I’m guessing it’s a very broad estimate coming from the other cost, “Cost: Aircraft Time out of service (hours)” Perhaps this number 248,276 hrs lost would equate to $100B ? That seems quite presumptuous to call it such a big $ loss though.

I would love to know why and how this number came about. Thank you!

(Please point me to a better place to discuss about this project too please, as I’m not finding anything)

Thank you!