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This community-built FAQ covers the “Dimensions & Measures in Action: Drag+Drop” exercise from the lesson “Making Visualizations in Tableau”.

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I don’t understand the data in the .csv file, in the “Dimensions & Measures in Action : Drag+Drop” section refers to the Rotten Tomatoes % and Genre fields, which do not exist as stories in the dataset.

If you take a look at the csv file, here, you’ll see that those two columns do exist.

Now that I have seen the .csv file, it does exist, but when I connect the data with Tableau it reads it to me incorrectly, as shown in the image. I don’t know what is the reason, if I connect it as a text file.

I see genre there, but I can’t really tell from the image you provided as it’s cut off/incomplete.

Genre is present, but there is no field called “genre”, instead there is one called “Film,Genre,Lead”

The commas (csv= comma separated values) denote the columns:

Film   Genre   Lead Studio   Audience score%  Profitability  Rotten Tomatoes %  Worldwide Gross  Year

27 Dresses Comedy Fox 71 5.3436218  40 160.308654 2008

(500) Days of Summer  Comedy  Fox 81  8.096  87  60.72  2009


One thing I’d do, is if you have access to Excel, open the file in Excel, clean it up and then “Save As” both a csv file and Excel file. You can load either into Tableau Public.

To save as Excel, Highlight all values in that web address:

2.) In Excel, select Paste Special, as Text, which will put all values in one column,

3.) With that whole column highlighted, go to the Data tab, choose “Text to columns”,
Select, Delimited, (next screen) Delimiter: Comma, (next screen): “General” as the data type in the cols, then finish.

It should look like this:

It worked for me! Thank you very much for the help

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