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This community-built FAQ covers the “While Loop” exercise from the lesson “Loops”.

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var guess = Int.random(in: 1…10)
var magicNum = Int.random(in: 1…10)

// Add your code here :sparkles:
while guess != magicNum {
guess = Int.random(in: 1…10)
magicNum = Int.random(in: 1…10)
print(“You guessed (guess), and the number was (magicNum).”)

The guided lessons says " * Reassign guess to Int.random(in: 1...10) .

  • Also reassign magicNum to Int.random(in: 1...10) .

Note : if you don’t reassign guess , you may end up in an infinite loop. :scream:"

If the variables were assigned globally, why did they have to be restated in the while loop?


Bumping this up because I want to know, too.

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honestly was staring at the screen confused because I was like what do they mean reassign if they’re already defined.

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I don’t see the need for that line. The magic number should remain fixed, and only the guess would need to be changed in the loop.

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At the top of the code, we are declaring and assigning a value (a random integer between 1-10) to two variables guess and magicNum.
If we are really really lucky and both the numbers match, then we will skip the while loop and go to the print statement congratulating our correct guess.
However, if we we are not lucky and the condition guess != magicNum evaluates to true, then we will enter the while loop. If we leave both the variables untouched and don’t change any value, then we will be stuck in the while loop forever. Neither number is changed in every iteration of the loop and the condition guess != magicNum will keep evaluating to true.
We must change at least one of the numbers (reassigning guess makes sense), so that eventually we will randomly pick the same number as magicNum.