FAQ: Logistic Regression II - Class Imbalance

This community-built FAQ covers the “Class Imbalance” exercise from the lesson “Logistic Regression II”.

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Data Scientist: Machine Learning Specialist

Machine Learning: Logistic Regression

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Apologies and I’ve deleted my original comment, I wasn’t aware this was a volunteer run forum. But after a long day, coming onto Codecademy and trying to navigate this lesson was incredibly frustrating and made me want to vent and quit the whole thing. Thank you for providing the feedback links, which I have gladly used to provide a detailed response.

I just wanted to let any other students who have tried this lesson and visited the forums that they are not alone in their frustrations, and they’re not just stupid - which is exactly how I felt after attempting this lesson.

Yep, I get your frustrations but 4 posts saying essentially the same thing–while probably justified–is a tad bit excessive.

Hopefully CC will take your suggestion(s) into consideration when/if they revise the lesson.

I get the message that my value of accuracy_str is wrong, but i don’t have a clue as to why. Maybe someone can help me out here. I checked with the solution, and the only thing i made different than cc is that i created a new instance of the LogisticRegression() class.
My code is as follows:

3. Model predictions after Stratified sampling

log_reg_str = LogisticRegression(penalty=‘none’, max_iter=1000, fit_intercept=True, tol=0.000001)
log_reg_str.fit(x_train_str, y_train_str)
y_pred_str = log_reg_str.predict(x_test_str)

recall_str = recall_score(y_test_str, y_pred_str)
accuracy_str = accuracy_score(y_test_str, y_pred_str)
print(‘Stratified Sampling: Recall and Accuracy scores’)>
print(recall_str, accuracy_str)

The rest is as in the solution. Also, my stratified recall score is lower than the unstratified one, which should not be like that according to the hint, and what would make the whole idea of stratification rather useless in this scenario.

Thank you in advance
and happy coding

:smile: I am appreciating your posts as I’m going through this. Makes me feel more motivated. This has been a challenging section to grasp for me. Glad to see I’m not alone.

That being said.

Undersampling and Oversampling, wouldn’t it have a negative impact using a sample again. I feel like I just read a lesson saying you wouldn’t want data from the same patient twice.

Same question here. I was expecting stratification to improve the recall score but instead it decreased.

I would appreciate if someone could shed a light on this :slight_smile: