FAQ: Learn Seaborn Introduction - Plotting Bars with Seaborn

This community-built FAQ covers the “Plotting Bars with Seaborn” exercise from the lesson “Learn Seaborn Introduction”.

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Data Science

Data Visualization in Python

FAQs on the exercise Plotting Bars with Seaborn

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A few errors in the lesson text:

  1. Paragaph 4 (just beneath the bar plot)

That’s a lot of work for a simple bar chart! Seaborn gives us a much simpler option. With Seaborn, you can use the sns.barplot()

sns.barplot() is not showing as code in the lesson

  1. In the bulleted list below that:

x : a string that tells Seaborn which column in the DataFrame contains otheur

Spelling error on otheur

Love y’all!

When I run this exercise in my python installation,(not in codecademy environment) It always gives the error 'AttributeError: module ‘seaborn’ has no attribute ‘barplot’ . why it generate this problem for seaborn ?